Nintendo Coffee Table gloriously combines a furniture and a functional NES controller

Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning

The NES holds a special place for many a gaming enthusiast from around the world. But what if you could stoke your nostalgic tendencies with a gargantuan, fully functional NES controller? Well, that is exactly what the Nintendo Coffee Table brings to the fray with its built-to-scale details that replicate the buttons on the original contraption. And as we mentioned before – they are not just for show, but are fitting functional components that allow you to relive your glorious olden days steeped in virtual 8-bit magic.

According to the creator (Etsy-based MillerWoodshop), each of these buttons are sensitive and tweaked to mimic the essence of the real deal. This arrangement is accompanied by an inconspicuous wire that connects the table/controller to your main NES console. Notching it up on the usability factor, this wire can be safely stored inside a special recess bored into the table.

Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning_1

And, since we brought up the subject of usability, the Nintendo Coffee Table is a ‘coffee table’ with its apt furniture credentials. To that end, a wholesome coat of polyurethane protects the table from those irksome scratches and marks, while its adjustable feet makes the top leveled with your floor.

So, at the end of the day – it is all about bringing back the retro feel with dollops of gaming fun and a touch of practicality.

Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning_2 Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning_3 Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning_4

Nintendo Coffee Table_Functioning_5

Buy (from Etsy) – $1,300.

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