The curious case of Neo-Nazis being ‘swindled’ for an anti-Nazi charity!

Neo-Nazis_anti-Nazi charity

Wunsiedel is a small county town situated along the picturesque Fichtelgebirge Mountains, in northeast Bavaria, Germany. Notwithstanding such alluring landscapes, the settlement is annually invaded by thousands of Neo-Nazis who hold memorial marches in ‘honor’ of past Nazi leaders. However, this time around, they were dealt a nifty little surprise by the townsfolk who had grown tired of the group’s extreme antics. Since the people couldn’t take legal actions against these zealots, they organized a charity drive that was antithetically fueled by the marching capacity of the Neo-Nazis.

This ingeniously concocted charity drive in question entailed a walkathon which would raise 10 Euros for every meter the fanatics walked. The funds were collected for the EXIT-Deutschland, an initiative that helps people to let go of their association with extremist organizations. As it turned out, the Neo-Nazis unknowingly helped in raising over 10,000 euros (around $12,500) for the program, when they marched for almost an hour and a half through the town. During this nigh comical course of action, the marching group was egged on by motivational posters and markings that showed how much money was potentially raised by their heroic ‘efforts’.

Finally, at the end of their righteous ‘reverse achievement’, these radicals were ambushed and showered with confetti when they reached the finishing line. The marching group were also gleefully informed on how they were the ones to effectively boost monetary aid for an anti-Nazi charity.

If interested in this ‘heist’ of philosophical proportions, take a gander at the video –

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