Police come across suicide bomber bird, in Afghanistan, quite possibly as part of Taliban insurgency


At around 8 a.m. on December 1, Afghan police came across a wild bird bearing electronic gadgets, explosives and an antenna, in the Faryab province in northern Afghanistan. The suspicious-looking bird exploded when it was shot down, causing authorities to believe that it was part of a bigger terrorist attempt by the local Taliban militants.

suicide-bomber-bird-2The bird, white in color and slightly larger in size than an eagle, was first seen when it was flying above a police checkpoint in a town in the Faryab province, known for its substantial Taliban activity. The tiny suicide bomber bird was spotted carrying several electronic devices, along with wires and explosives. The police have confirmed that it was the antenna which finally made them shoot the bird.

Surprisingly enough, the bird exploded after being shot. Among the various “suspicious metal stuff”, scattered in the surrounding area, were found a functional GPS tracking device and a small camera. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation of this highly unusual incident. Maj. Gen. Abdul Nabi Ilham, the regional police chief, told the reporters:

We are gathering all the stuff, but found parts of what looks to be GPS and a small camera.

suicide-bomber-bird-3The incident, occurring at a time when there is increasing Taliban violence in Afghanistan as a result of the withdrawal of the foreign military troops, has piqued worldwide interest. While animals have previously been used in warfare, this is the first time that the local authorities have witnessed a bird acting as a suicide bomber. In July this year, we saw Hamas insurgents killing Israeli soldiers with explosive-carrying dogs and donkeys, in Gaza.

Via: NBC News / The Independent


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