Studio Baag’s Sea Urchin lamp entices us with its organic complexity


We had our trysts with lamps mimicking thunderstorms and moons. However, this time around, Studio Baag has brought forth the fascinatingly complex ambit of marine-based naturalism, with their aptly christened Sea Urchin Lamp.

The ‘piece de resistance’ of the lamp design is arguably the array of a whopping thousand thorns projecting from the ethereal embodiment. According the designers, the multitude of thrones represent the scale of protection for the fragile body (which alludes to the ferociousness of sea-urchins in real-time natural scopes). This symbolic side is further complemented on the aesthetic level – with the sheer novelty of the projecting nettles.


Lastly, as for the designing process, these spikes were created pointy nylon straps, while the main lampshade body was crafted by deftly arranging wire-mesh patterns. For more info, you can check out Studio Baag’s home site and online portfolio.

Sea_Urchin_Lamp_2 Sea_Urchin_Lamp_3 Sea_Urchin_Lamp_4 Sea_Urchin_Lamp

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