South Korean interactive billboard allows the audience to be the hero!

Interactive Billboard_ Social Hero

Heroic power fantasies are nothing new when it comes to the realm of movies and video games. But what if that imaginary situation put you at the receiving end of a realistic child abuse scenario? A South Korean interactive billboard poignantly plays out this situation, by engaging users to ‘fantastically’ save a child from harm by coming between the abuser and the victim.

The idea behind the billboard is pretty straightforward yet ingeniously conceived. In a normal circumstance, it portrays the false silhouettes of a abusive man and a child. However, the audience can virtually take part in the sad state-of-affairs, by projecting their silhouette on to the board. Interestingly, there is a Superman-like logo in the middle of the screen that allows one to position his/her silhouette, while also endowing the person with that intangible dose of self-worth. In essence, the audience member can seemingly change the course of the unfolding drama on the screen.

Beyond psychological reinforcement, the logo also serves a conscientious purpose by depicting a helpline number and a message that reads (in Korean) – “Report to become a hero for children”. So, at the end of the day, it’s all about social advertising at its best.

Interactive Billboard_ Social Hero_1 Interactive Billboard_ Social Hero_2 Interactive Billboard_ Social Hero_3 Interactive Billboard_ Social Hero-4

Via: Demilked

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