The new Amazon Prime Now service aims at speedy delivery of goods by Manhattan-based cyclists

Amazon Prime Now-1

We have all heard of Prime Air, a daring attempt by Amazon that aims for speedy, 30-minute delivery of orders using automated drones. The technology, however, is currently awaiting the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In the meantime, the world’s largest online retailer is working towards developing a different, and indeed more realistic, delivery service. With the help of local bike messengers in Manhattan, Amazon hopes to deliver certain types of packages in just a few hours after ordering. 

The service, named Amazon Prime Now, is going to be available only to Prime members and, will likely be limited to New York City. It involves a cyclist reaching a particular destination within the stipulated time frame, along with photographic proof. Complete with a foosball table and an arcade machine, the Amazon office on 34th street that currently acts as a warehouse, will also serve as a clubhouse of sorts for the bikers. According to the available reports, the cyclists will be paid an hourly remuneration of $15, for eight-hour shifts.

Amazon Prime Now-2The bike messenger delivery system is currently being tested by Amazon, with Bezos and Co. in charge of selecting the best and most capable courier service for Amazon Prime Now. One of the major drawbacks, in this regard, is the fact that while bikes are the ideal means of transport in Manhattan, they are hardly the best option in other U.S. cities and also in other countries.

Via: Engadget / Gizmodo

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