“Rolling Homes” by Lithuania-based DO Architects: A champion of modern architecture


Lithuania-based firm, DO Architects, has created somewhat of a revolution with regard to modern home designs. Doing away with the dictates of traditional architecture, it has developed what is aptly called the “Rolling Home” concept. In the Lithuanian town of Svencelė, the firm has built 12 of these incredibly innovative cylindrical homes, as prototype.

DO-Architects_Rolling-Homes_1Nestled by a lagoon near the Baltic Sea, these rolling houses are similar to hamster wheels in appearance. Each of these single family dwellings features a timber-clad exterior, along with transparent glass-fitted transverse facades. The glass walls are meant to optimize availability of natural lighting, while at the same time offering breathtaking views of the neighboring landscape. The cylindrical section, on the other hand, provides privacy between the houses. Talking about the project, the spokesperson of DO Architects said:

Transparent facades allow for uninterrupted views of the surrounding canals and ensure a strong connection, both visual and physical, between the occupant and nature…The closed sides of the buildings, however, maintain privacy among neighbors…Internal space and natural light are maximized by the expanding cylindrical volume of each house. All of the required conveniences for an exclusive modern lifestyle are provided in the eye catching rolling homes, which combined with their stunning natural location create a desirable place to live.

Each of these three-story tubular homes consists of a ground floor with a covered porch in front, a second floor containing the kitchen, living and dining spaces. The topmost floor houses the bedrooms.







To learn more about “Rolling Homes”, check the official website of DO Architects.

Via: ArchDaily

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