B-And-Bee envisaged as a honeycomb hotel for accommodation of festival audiences


When it comes to festivals, living and sleeping arrangements for large number of attending people tend to be both chaotic and cumbersome. Fortunately, a duo of design studios – Compaan and Labeur, have envisioned a solution for the disparate masses in the form of the B-And-Bee. Designed as a stack of vertically arranged honeycombs, the accommodation system boasts of individual sleeping cells with all the basic components needed for spending a night.

This honeycomb hotel is roughly shaped like a triangle when observed from its elevation view, with the upper levels accessed via a connected staircase. As for the personal rooms, each compartment comprises of a king-sized bed, dedicated luggage space, a locker, and a battery system for both light and power. These features are further boosted by spatial efficiency – with the folding bed making room for additional space for a lounge seat.


The collective design was initially selected as one of sixteen projects that won the CICI 2014 innovation scholarship. The structure we see here was then built as a commercial variety (with a total of six B-And-Bees) for DOK Ghent during the Ghent Festivities of 2014.

B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_2 B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_3 B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_4 B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_5 B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_6 B-And-Bee_honeycomb_hotel_7

Via: Dornob

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