Instructables team member, Mike Warren, designs stunning, minimalist glow-in-the-dark table

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Remember the gloriously tantalizing fluorescent lollipops, by confectioner Verde Matcha, that emanate a bright blue glow when placed under UV light? Well this time around, Instructables team member Mike Warren brings us a stunning glow-in-the-dark table, constructed using pecky cypress boards and photo-luminescent resin. Beautifully minimalist in design, the Glow Table contains a particular chemical that absorbs the incident sunlight during daytime, and imparts a soft blue glow in partial to complete darkness. What is more, with the help of the detailed, step-by-step instructions that Warren has provided on the Instructables website, even you can build your very own glow-in-the-dark table.

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As a result of fungal growth, a pecky cypress lumber usually features a number of naturally-decayed pockets or holes, on its surface. These cavities are in turn filled with glow powder-mixed resin, to produce the brilliant glow-in-the-dark effect. The process begins by choosing a couple of boards of appropriate length. After planing and cutting the planks to the desired size, Warren glues them together to form the tabletop. Next, using a screw-driver, he cleans the rot from the cavities and then blasts them with compressed air to remove any remnants.

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After sanding down the surface by means of a random orbital sander, Warren prepares the resin solution. Equal parts of clear casting resin and strontium aluminate pigments are mixed together and then poured into the cypress pockets. According to Mike, for a 41″x22″ table, 2 liters of resin is combined with 100g of glow-in-the-dark powder. The resin takes merely 7 minutes to set, after which it is left overnight to solidify.

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After thoroughly sanding down the tabletop, Warren goes about coating the surface with a polyurethane polish. Finally, a set of simple, hairpin legs are attached to complete the setup. When the table is placed near the windows, or even outside, the glow-powder particles in the resin soak up the available sunlight, and later emit a soft blue glow, in the presence of UV light. According to Warren, the amazing Glow Table is capable of luminescence, for up to 20 minutes at one go!

Watch the following video to know about the table and how to build it yourself:


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