Another photo mash-up collection, this time in the realm of pop culture

Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_10

Last month, we showcased Damien Hypolite’s astonishing ‘fusion‘ of 18th century Paris (portrayed in Assassin’s Creed Unity) with real-time Paris in our contemporary era. Well, this time around, the level of impressive details gives way to a level of comical ambit, with history professor Francois Dourlen’s series of mash-up photography that dabbles in pop culture.

Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography

The montage of the photographs combine real-time scenarios with a gamut of pop culture characters, ranging from Simba, Spider Man to Edward Scissorhands. The fun quotient from all of these specimens was part of the photographer’s intention, as Dourlen makes it clear –

I had finally found a way to tell all the stupid things that I think all the time! And above all a way to show people what I have in the head.

Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_1 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_2 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_3 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_4 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_5 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_6 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_7 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_8 Francois Dourlen_mash-up_photography_9

Via: Bored Panda

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