Ivor Fett: A Hyundai Veloster draped in the classic Boba Fett colors

Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_1

The recognizable green and maroon tint with the ‘dilapidated’ gray tint once again makes its presence felt; not from the newly released Star Wars teaser, but from Rebekah Stieg Knuth’s ingeniously conceived graphical design. Working as a part of Knuthart Studios, the artist has managed to endow the one-and-only Boba Fett color scheme to a Hyundai Veloster, with the end result aptly christened as the ‘Ivor Fett’.

And, while the incredible graphical layout was solely rendered by the artist, the painstaking procedure of vehicle wrapping the actual automobile was achieved by Josh Bevers and Tom Hrubesky of Fastsigns, which is based in Appleton, Wisconsin. And, in case you are interested in the impressive process, do give a gander at the video below that demonstrates the Star Wars-inspired project in a time-lapse manner.

Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_1 Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_2 Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_3 Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_4

Via: LaughingSquid

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