Daniel Cheong’s surreal photos showcase the ‘cloud cutting’ heights of Dubai skycrapers

Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_6

Photographer Daniel Cheong can be considered as an expert when it comes to capturing the surreal heights of urban jungles. In one of his latest projects, he has perfectly amalgamated the soaring skyscrapers of Dubai and the cloudy fog below them that naturally accentuates the height factor of the buildings. The result is a series of hypnagogic settings that sort of allude to both reality and science fiction, all within the familiar backdrop of the encompassing sky.

Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_1

The arid yet mercurial climate of UAE rather exacerbates the foggy conditions, especially during the time of seasonal changes. So, in essence, the photographer had to patiently wait for the ‘optimized’ weather to arrive, when all the natural and artificial parameters were synchronized to account for a well-captured image. Cheong also had to choose his perfect vantage point that would seamlessly overlook the expansive dream-like landscape – where man-made structures nonchalantly penetrated cloud-like atmospheric layers.

Furthermore, each individual photograph doesn’t necessarily pertain to a ‘click’ taken in an instant (of time). Rather the surreal images combine multiple exposures of a particular scene into a composite whole – thus lending credence to dynamic lighting, better depth and even more pronounced vibrancy of various colors. As the photographer himself, puts his views forth in a succinct manner –

Straight out of the camera’ is a concept which I am not familiar with. I don’t pretend to show reality, but an idealized version of it.

Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_2 Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_5 Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_6 Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_7 Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_3 Daniel Cheong_Photo_Dubai Skycrapers_4

Via: PetaPixel

Image Credits: Daniel Cheong

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