The ‘dynamic art’ of resin and paint, created by artist Bruce Riley

Abstract, kaleidoscopic and dynamic – this in a nutshell defines the vibrant artworks of Bruce Riley, who hails from the city of Chicago. These vivacious arrangements comprise of resin bases that are spread over a large surface area. The artist then adds his ‘touch’ of paint drips to the resin, thus dramatically transforming the composition of the set piece. And the best part is – the art is not static; rather it encompasses the alteration of colors and patterns which can be comprehended in real-time.


This nigh-psychedelic scope is surely a wonder to behold, with the resin templates gloriously making way to a multitude of color combinations and light sequences, all within the embodiment of the meta-canvas. This essence of mysterious yet unfolding ‘motion’ captured within a 2D space is what sets apart Riley’s works from the conventional passive scope of regular paintings. As the artist himself has made it clear –

You’re always investigating. It’s not about an end result. The paintings aren’t about specific things. They’re all about kind of the same thing. I’m not really trying to define any ideas, I just let it flow.


Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_3 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_6 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_9 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_12 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_4 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_5 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_7 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_8 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_10 Bruce_Riley_Dynamic_Art_Resin_Paint_11

Check the video, to watch the artworks ‘in motion’ –

Via: WeTheUrban

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