China’s ‘Wall-E’ restaurants flaunt their robotic waiters


Given China’s proclivity for foreign imitation, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that a restaurant in Hefei, Anhui province of China is named Wall-E. But what really is baffling pertains to the fact that this establishment has real robots operating as functional waiters!

This establishment follows on the heels of another futuristic restaurant in Chengdu (in Sichuan province), which boasts of similar looking robot waiters. According to various reports, the establishment is located in Chunxi Road – one of the city’s well known business district neighborhoods. As for the robotic designs themselves, the $11,000 contraptions (looking more like EVE) are around 3.2 ft in height, while their power-train is juiced up by rechargeable batteries. Additionally, the Chinese-phrase greeting automatons are equipped with motion-sensing components that allow them to keep their distance from obstacles – be it stationary structures or customers.


Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to novelty of being served by a robot. As one of the customers to the Chunxi Road eatery, said –

I’ve never been to a restaurant that has robots instead of human serving food, so this is a great novelty to me. I am very curious about how they work and I would like to play with them.

The owner of the establishment, Mr. Zong, was also satisfied with this incredible technological scope –

This restaurant is quite big, so the workload here can be very demanding for our wait-people. The robots come as a big help to the employees, and they also serve as a high-tech entertainment for the customers who come here to enjoy the food.

Now, it remains to be seen if robotic waiters are better than interactive touch-enabled tables that could remotely place your orders.

Check the Chinese Robot Waiters in action –

Via: CCTV-America

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