Africa’s tallest building under-construction tantalizingly looks like Sauron’s tower!


Africa’s tallest building is soon to be realized in Casablanca, Morocco; with its impressive height of 540 m (1,770 ft). The structure, slated to be completed in 2018, is christened as the Al Noor Tower, which translates to Tower of Light. But on closer inspection, one can find that this ‘Tower of Light’ has similarity in terms of form to the ‘Tower of Darkness’. Yes, we are talking about Sauron’s fictional fortress of Barad-dûr, with its recognizable pair of spikes along the top-most part of the tower.



Of course, beyond the nitpicking scope of silly fanboyism, the Al Noor Tower is steeped in an ambit of symbolism. Designed by the French architectural firm of Valode et Pistre, the height of the building represents the 54 nations of Africa, while its 114 floors allude to the same number of verses in Koran. And if these aspects seem to be too inconspicuous for the outside visitor, the observable facade of the glorious tower harks back to the multifarious vernacular languages of the continent.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the Al Noor Tower will set the builders back by a whopping $1 billion. But it might after-all fuel a wide range of economic benefits in the area. According to the official site of the building –

Al Noor Tower is a program to boost the economy of a place. We call it a Motor to increase the economy and the tourism of a country. Al Noor Tower Morocco is one tower of our program of several towers. We believe that Morocco can hold the African tower due to so many reasons. More than a building, Al Noor Tower is a program to increase employment, tourism and bring prosperity to the country with a huge benefit for the population and the government.

Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_4 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_2 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_3 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_5 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_6 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_8 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_7 Africa_tallest_building_Al_Noor_Tower_9

Via: LostAtEMinor

Image Credits: Valode et Pistre

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