Japan’s Himawari 8 weather satellite captures the world’s first true-color photograph of the Earth


The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) recently released the world’s first true-color photograph of the Earth, as captured by one of its satellites. Launched on October 7, 2014, Himawari 8 is one of the eight Himawari  geostationary satellites, managed by the JMA. Built by Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric, it is the first of two satellite models, designed to be used by the agency. Its responsibilities include collecting and conveying important data, regarding weather forecast, climate analysis and tropical cyclone tracking, to the World Meteorological Organization. Recently, the JMA unveiled  a huge 11,000 by 11,000 pixel image of the Earth, taken with the help of the satellite’s 16 imaging bands. The richly detailed shot exhibits, somewhat accurately, the Earth’s appearance from space. That too, in color!


Image Credits: Japan Meteorological Agency website

Via: My Modern Met

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