The Lamp neo-N features a strikingly minimalist body, crafted from a single fluorescent tube


Browsing through our pages, you will find quite a few charmingly unusual lamp designs. Remember the stunning Sea Urchin-shaped lamp by Studio Baag? Or the startlingly beguiling thunderstorm-mimicking Cloud Lamp? Well this time around, the lamp, that we are about to present to you, is an undeniable champion of minimalism and convenience. Designed by Czech Republic-based company Atelier dSGn, the new ‘Lamp neo-N’ possesses a simple, yet striking fluorescent tube body.

Conventional lamps, currently flooding the market, usually contain two parts: an irradiant light fixture and a non-luminous stand or base. In the case of Lamp neo-N, however, the form itself mirrors the function. Instead of a separate lamp unit, its structure doubles as the light source. Fashioned out of a single, curved fluorescent tube, the lamp features three concentric circles. The incomplete circle, at the bottom of the lamp, actually acts as its base.

Additionally, its neatly curved body somewhat resembles the shape of a traditional table lamp. Apart from its extremely clever and minimalist design, the Lamp neo-N entices us with its soft, subdued glow. Unfortunately, information regarding its price and availability have not yet been disclosed.





To learn more about Atelier dSGn, check the company’s official website.

Via: Designboom

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