The real-life case of ‘Up’, achieved by Erik Roner, his lawn chair and 90 balloons!

Erik Roner_Balloon_8000ft

While not quite as bold as the old protagonist of Pixar-classic Up, Erik Roner has surely proved his unusual case of daredevilry, by successfully climbing to a height of 8,000 ft in air. And, the entire gimmick was achieved by just using a lawn-chair that was attached to 90 balloons fueled by 50 tanks of helium.

In terms of pure mathematical calculations, it is pretty much proven that it takes 90 balloons to air-lift a slightly dilapidated lawn chair. But how does Roner get down from his cloud-hugging ‘perched’ position. Check the video to find out the climactic ending –

Via: APlus

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