Sony’s Android-powered 4K TV is thinner than an iPhone 6!


The CES 2015 has started with its usual fanfare, and the ceremonial approach was given a perfect boost by Sony, as expected. However, what wasn’t expected from the Japanese giant pertained to its unveiling of the world’s thinnest 4K television, in the form of the Bravia X900C series. Well, now the question naturally arises – how thin? Well, the 4.9 mm thick TV is slimmer than both an iPhone 6 and an Xperia Z3 smartphone (when measured individually).

Of course, being svelte is just one part of the grand equation. The X900C is packed with a 4K-tailored X1 4 processor that is all about upping the ante in the realms of resolution, clarity and dynamic range. This is boosted by the UHD contraption’s Android TV operating system – a scope which is designed to work and sync up with other Android devices. Additionally, users can enjoy 4K content from Netflix 4K, Amazon Prime Instant Video and YouTube.


As for the other groovy features expected from a contemporary television set, the X900C Android TV system will support voice search (for a whopping 42 languages), and a touch-pad remote that presumably doubles up as a game control for playing Android mobile games on the big TV screen. And, since we brought up the ambit of TV screens, the overall XBR-65X900 lineup will come in sizes of 55, 65 and 75-inch.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the world’s thinnest 4K television is expected to make its retail debut in Europe by February of this year itself.

sony-x900c-tv_thinnest sony-x900c-tv_thinnest_2 sony-x900c-tv_thinnest_3

Via: Telegraph 

Image Credits: Digital Trends / Rich Shibley

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