Two men explore how animals would have looked, if they had the ‘power’ of bio-luminescence


In layman’s term, bio-luminescence is an intriguing biochemical process that causes living organisms, both terrestrial and aquatic, to produce and emit light of varying colors. Two men, animator Friedrich van Schoor and photographer Tarek Mawad, were inspired by this fantastical scope occurring in the organic realm; and they decided to create their own version of the Bioluminescent Forest – in which non bio-luminescent animals were given the ‘effulgent’ makeover.

The incredible task took them into the very heart of a forest for six long weeks, during which the duo photo-captured a range of animals and trees. The video imagery of these organisms were then digitally altered with the use of projection mapping. The glorious end result entailed – frogs with strips of blue fluorescence; trees with the fiery glow of amber light; and mushrooms with an otherworldly vibrancy.

The best part is – the entire hypnagogic ambit was video captured in real-time, and then compiled into a short film set, accompanied by the musical score of Achim Treu. And, in case, you are interested in ‘real’ bio-luminescent organisms, do take a gander at one of previous posts – 10 most majestic specimens of bioluminescent organisms.

Bioluminescent_Forest Bioluminescent_Forest_1 Bioluminescent_Forest_2 Bioluminescent_Forest_3 Bioluminescent_Forest_4 Bioluminescent_Forest_5 Bioluminescent_Forest_6 Bioluminescent_Forest_7 Bioluminescent_Forest_8 Bioluminescent_Forest_9 Bioluminescent_Forest_10

Check the short film compiled by the duo –

Via: DesignBoom

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