LYNX 9: An alien-esque mobile game controller from Mad Catz

Mad Catz_LYNX 9_Game Controller_CES 2015_6

Is it a tripod? Is it a cybernetic alien? No, it is ‘supposedly’ a gaming controller from the mad team at Mad Catz. Flaunting its Bluetooth connectivity, the LYNX 9 is primarily envisioned for mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. But beyond what seems like a gimmicky shape, is a modular built that is tailored to variant holding positions for the tactile gaming advantage derived from your mobile devices.

In regard to this modular scope, the contraption can be reassembled into various configurations that are customized to the type of device one would be using for gaming. To that end, you smartphone can be held at the top, thus transforming the setup into a sort of handheld gaming console. On the other hand, a bigger tablet can be docked centrally with the ‘detaching’ flanking halves making space for the 7-inch device. And, if you are already bored (or having problems) with touchscreen typing, the package also includes a mobile keyboard module that can just as easily be fixed to the controller.

Mad Catz_LYNX 9_Game Controller_CES 2015

Now, beyond the realm of mobile gaming, the LYNX 9 with its HDMI cable, can be utilized for PC and television gaming too. This mode of functionality is further complemented by a mouse-pad and a mic that can be used for voice-based controls. But as they say – awesomeness (as freaky as that may be) never comes cheap. In this regard, the Mad Catz-made contraption will set you back by a healthy sum of $300. And, you can make your pre-orders here at their online store.

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Verge gives a hands-on preview of the LYNX 9, at CES 2015 –

Via: Kotaku

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