NOEM’s fully-automated Ecological house 3.0 was built in just over 9 weeks!

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With the entry of automation into the field of architecture, architects around the world are creating smart and intuitive homes, featuring a perfect marriage of advanced technology and incredibly simplistic design. Located in Castellón de la Plana, Spain, the new Ecological House 3.0 is a true champion of digitization. Constructed almost entirely via computerized process, this ingeniously designed wooden structure boasts of impressive energy-saving and eco-friendly credentials. What is more, it was built in just over 9 weeks!

Ecological House 3.0-5A stunning example of modernist architecture, the Ecological House is the brainchild of Barcelona-based firm, NOEM. According to the team, the initial brief was to build a fully-automated home that, at the same time, celebrates the beauty of the adjoining landscape. Surrounded by hills on all its sides, this bio-climatic house adorns the neighborhood without tainting its natural environment. The completely digitized designing and manufacturing process allowed the architects to finish the project in record time (8 weeks of prefabrication and another 1.5 weeks for erecting the main structure). By eliminating any chance of error, the architects were able to drastically cut down costs.

Ecological House 3.0-2Built using locally-sourced, renewable raw materials, the 96-square-meter wooden house  allows the user to remotely control all its electronic equipment via a smartphone. All the gadgets are connected to each other through internet. One can also configure the lights to be turned on at a particular time during the day, for instance in the morning. Furthermore, the building features wireless switches that operate through radio. The highly intuitive HVAC system relies on weather forecast, while the irrigation unit functions according the level of soil moisture. Ventilation gets automatically activated when  the carbon dioxide concentration, inside the house, is high.

Ecological House 3.0-4The entire structure was prefabricated in the form of two, separate modules. One of them, measuring 9 x 4.5 m, houses the living room, the kitchen and the dining space. Each of the rooms is connected to the porch by means of large floor-to-ceiling, retractable windows. The second section, about 9 x 3 m in dimensions, consists of a bedroom with an adjacent bathroom and a study. Thanks to its extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective design, the Ecological House 3.0 boasts a negative carbon dioxide footprint of 56.95 kgCO2 per square meter.

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Ecological-House-3.0-10To know more about the firm, head over to NOEM’s official website.

Via: ArchDaily

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