These stunning paddy fields, in Asia, are Nature’s very own ‘real’ artwork!

Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_9

Consumed by over half of the world’s population, rice forms a major staple food in all of Asia. As far as statistics go, China is the largest producer as well as the largest consumer of rice, with India as a close second. While recent studies have shown that continual flooding of paddy fields is responsible for environmental degradation to a certain extent, the rice farms of China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam are some of the most stunning landscapes in the entire world. Every day when the sun is nearing the horizon between late afternoon and evening, the rice terraces, together with the surrounding stagnant water, get illuminated in an exquisite array of colors.

Scroll down for more pictures of these spectacular natural artwork. And if interested, you can also take a gander at 21 examples of accidental art of landscapes captured from overhead satellites.

Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_1 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_2 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_3 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_4 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_5 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_6 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_7 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_8 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_9 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_10 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_11 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_12 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_13 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_14 Paddy_Fields_Art_ Asia_15

Via: Bored Panda

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