The incredible ‘self-returning’ Nixie drone combines both a wearable and a quadcopter!


The drone has been done to death. Or is it? Bamboozling many an attendee at the CES 2015, the Nixie quadcopter puts a twist on the conventional drone angle with its groovy boomerang-like capability. The flying contraption in question was already decided as the winning entry in the Intel Make it Wearable competition, held in November. Backed by the grand prize of $500,000; the drone was once again showcased in a ceremonious manner by developer Christoph Kohstall, during Intel’s keynote held in the Sin City.


Now, before you raise your eyebrows about us including a quadcopter and wearable in two successive sentences, the Nixie is envisioned as being the combination of both. In essence, the device can rested on your arm as a sort of wristband, while it can be gloriously transformed into a drone that does its autonomous in-flight maneuvering. As we can comprehend from the GIF above, the drone flies off, successfully takes a selfie-like snap, and then return backs to the user’s palm like a boomerang.


So, the question naturally arises – what is envisaged functionality of this incredible device? Well, for one, the Nixie drone is tailored to photographing those adventurous ‘self shots’ in the outdoors, when you are in a state of vigorous motion (like in a bike or raft). With that logic, we would presume that it can also be used during those finicky scenarios when you don’t want to waste too much time in setting up a perfect angle with your conventional camera or smartphone.

In any case, given this is the very first public appearance made by the Nixie drone, the device will take its time to make a commercial debut. In the meantime, the developers have promised enthusiasts that they will continue to improve the ambit of this nifty technology.

Via: TheNextWeb

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