The newly launched website, Future Self, lets you have real-time conversation with your future self!

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Wondering what your future self would look like? Or better yet, sound like? If so, head over to this new website, called Future Self. Designed as part of an advertisement campaign by the European telecom operator, Orange, it gives you a sneak peek into what you might look like, 20 years down the line. What is more, with the help of a combination of advanced technologies, such as speech recognition, motion capture and 3D rendering, the website allows the user to chat with his/her older self!

Future Self Website-1Recently launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company, the website is indeed quite ahead of its time. It’s fantastic real-time simulation relies on a bunch of high-tech software, plus the camera and microphone of the user’s laptop. In order to look into the future, one is required to provide a photo of himself/herself. Based on this picture, the website then develops a partially-realistic simulation of what you would look like in the year 2034. During the process, you will be asked a number of questions about your gender, your skin tone and so on. Speaking about the project, an employee of Orange named Anne Imbert said:

We wanted to do something fun, and digital, and not focused on the past. Our creative agency came back to us with this idea to project yourself into the future and predict what the future would be in 20 years… It’s not crazy innovation—this is not yourself traveling in space and discovering the moon—it’s really focusing on potential innovation and on what the future could be.

Future Self Website-2For those who are curious about the future, the website also allows one to converse with one’s older self! While some of the answers are just plain hilarious, most of the response given by your wiser self will indeed be quite accurate. For instance when asked whether you’ll own a flying car, the website will talk about self-driving, autonomous cars, instead. Adrian Belina, the head of Jam3, the company that actually created the website, said:

No pun intended, but it really is a project that’s a bit ahead of its time. Basically you’re rendering things live, as opposed to a computer game.

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Future Self Website-3Just a heads-up, your future self will likely have a British accent. So just keep calm, and don’t freak out!

Via: FastCo.Exist

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