Parisian primary school by Chartier Dalix Architectes, boasts of its green eco-system

Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof

Months ago, we talked about China’s Tiantai No.2 Primary School that features an entire race-track upon its roof. Well, Chartier Dalix Architectes have arguably done one better by designing a French primary school in Paris (in an wholly renovated industrial area) that is literally topped off with a green eco-system. This in turn alludes to a special kind of natural environment for kids, all within the scope of a busy urban setting.

Interestingly, the tiered green roofs are just one part of the natural ambit exhibited by the 4,209 sq m (45,300 sq ft) primary school. The architects have constructed what can be termed as a ‘living wall’ on the boundary side of the establishment. This seemingly irregular wall is composed of pre-fabricated concrete blocks that account for numerous nooks and crannies. These indentations and holes are designed as shelter arrays for a wide range of flora and fauna, including birds and plants.

Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_4

As for the more conspicuous roof eco-system, these recreational zones are located above the gymnasium of the school. According to the architects, the green spaces have their fair share of bio-diversity, with a wide spectrum of vegetation types, ranging from mesophilus plants, shrubs to even a woodland-like ‘island’. The elevation and orientation of these roofs are also positioned in such a manner so as to account for better views from the adjacent buildings of the Parisian suburb.

Finally, coming to the school itself, the establishment is divided into eighteen classrooms, an inclusive sports facility for locals, and the aforementioned gymnasium. Most of the classrooms are aptly situated along the ground and first floor, while the uppermost floor gym rises to a height of 12 m (40 ft) – thus ably supporting the multi-tiered ‘piece de resistance’ of a green eco-system.

Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_1 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_2 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_3 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_5 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_6 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_7 Parisian Primary School_Chartier Dalix Architectes_green_roof_8

Via: DesignBoom

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