Photographer captures images of New York City from a soaring height of 7,500 ft

Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos

A few days ago, we showcased some surreal photos of Dubai skyscrapers gloriously piercing through a cloud cover. Well, this time around, the height is literally taken to a whole new level, with French-American photographer Vincent Laforet’s shots of the one-and-only New York City. All of these photos of the Big Apple were taken from an altitude of more than 7,500 ft, with the photographer strapping himself precariously to a full-body harness bound to a helicopter.

Aptly titled ‘Gotham 7.5K’, the photo series turned out be well worth the risk – with the images showcasing a different side of the mega city with almost a Tron-esque vibe. According to the photographer, the electronic circuit board like patterns were reminiscent of so-called ‘brain synapses’. He also talked about his experience of the airborne project –

I’ve flown on “aerial missions” over The Big Apple more than 50 times over the past decade and a half, and I’ve flown several hundred hours of photo flights around the world… And this was by far the most frightening flight of all.

In any case, you can further take a gander at the behind-the-scenes video made by David Geffin.

©Vincent Laforet - Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_2 Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_3 ©Vincent Laforet - Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_5 ©Vincent Laforet - Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_8 Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_9 Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_10 ©Vincent Laforet - Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_12 Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos Vincent Laforet_New_York_City_Aerial_Photos_6

Via: AdaFruit

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