Nobumichi Asai’s “Face Hacking” technology performs mind-boggling real-time projection mapping on human face

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A techie graduate from Japan’s Tohoku University, Nobumichi Asai is a notable expert of computer-generated imagery(CGI). Known for integrating science and technology with art, Asai has managed to capture the world’s attention with his new and incredibly futuristic “Face Hacking” project. The mind-boggling innovation actually performs spectacular real-time face tracking using a bunch of highly specialized technologies.

For the project, the Tokyo-based producer worked alongside a team of highly skilled graphic developers. As one can see in the video, two human actors are first made to sit right in the middle of a partially-lit stage. By means of a combination of real-time face tracking, 3D animation and projection, the system transforms the models’ faces into a ready canvas. A range of immaculately detailed skeleton, animal and even robot masks are then digitally applied onto the skin surface, thus re-interpreting every line and aspect of the actors’ faces.

When demonstrated to a group of talk show hosts, the stunning illusory effect of the system left them utterly astounded. Although the technology is in its nascent stage, one can always hope that it will lead to substantial development in VFX, motion capture and even digital makeup.

To know more about the project, head over to Nobumichi Asai’s official website.

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Via: Blastr

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