Man creates the groovy combo of X-Wing Starfighter and a Ride-On Rocker

X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker

With the imminent release of the 7th Star Wars installment in this year’s horizon, why should adults (read reminiscing fanboys) have all the fun? Well, Steve of New Zealand-based Steves Wooden Toys also believes in such an inclusive scope – as is evident from the expert designer’s envisioning of an X-Wing Starfighter in all its ‘wooden’ glory. In other words, the end result also entails a ride-on rocker that is sized in accordance with the ergonomic dimensions of a kid.

Now, in spite of the design’s futuristic bearing, the craft was made from sturdy pine, along with the country’s native macrocarpa and rimu wood varieties. And, the best part is – the geeky ambit also includes a tiny R2D2, to accompany the young adventurer, just like in the movies.

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the idea of a very late (or very early) Christmas gift for your child, do take a gander at this online bidding site. For more pictures, have a look at DeviantART.

X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_1 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_2 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_3 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_4 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_5 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_6 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker_7 X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker

Via: LaughingSquid

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