Artist Élise Morin’s latest Waste Landscape installation is made from 60,000 unused CDs!

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The artwork of Élise Morin, a Paris-based artist with a PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts, is primarily made from repurposed, waste material. In a society with an ever increasing production of garbage, Morin believes in crafting beguiling sculptures from what might otherwise be looked upon as trash. Her latest project is in the form of an exquisite, sand dune-shaped art installation, constructed using 60,000 CDs.

The fourth in the artist’s well-known Waste Landscape series, the artwork was created for the White Night festival that took place at Kuntshalle in Slovakia, last October. Made from as many as 60,000 unused CDs, the installation exudes an almost ethereal beauty. Each of the CDs was first sorted and then hand-sewn into a sea of metallic bling. Finally, the structure was secured onto a number of inflatable domes. When viewed under differently-hued lighting, the brilliantly kaleidoscopic art piece comes alive; transforming the dunes into a vast, shimmering desert.

Elise Morin's Waste Landscape-2The installation will be displayed at various locations, in Slovakia, over the course of the next few months. Speaking about the project, Morin said:

My first thought when I pondered a representation possible of the contemporary landscape turned into a desert of plastic, a symbol of the vision of western society in the second part of the 20th century. In that way, the CD is a very symbolic creation of this vision of the economy and of this period. The planned obsolescence, short-term technology, entertainment and use of polycarbonate married for better or for worse. The other issue is to represent an invisible landscape: the buried landscapes that are hidden or are aestheticize today: monumental waste disposal for example.

To learn more about the artist and her projects, head over to her official website.

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Via: My Modern Met

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