Woman creates the ‘precisely’ detailed setting of Hogwarts, entirely in 400,000 LEGO bricks


The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry makes another glorious debut, this time in the realm of DIY LEGO-contrivances. Seattle-based Alice Finch (who is also a full-time mom) has painstakingly created her magnificent diorama by using an astronomical 400,000 LEGO bricks, with the entire layout and the details taking over a year to complete. And, by details we not only mean the architecture of the wizardry school in question, but also its interior furnishings, inhabitants, variant items and even the ‘ghostly’ portraits!


This awe-inspiring scope was the result of multiple sessions of close observance and studying of the actual Hogwarts design. The research phase was not only limited to the books and movies, but even took Finch to the actual physical location of Harry Potter studio tour in London. This diligent analyzing ambit is surely mirrored by the sheer scale and comprehensive attributes of the LEGO Hogwarts. As a matter of fact, the size of the project’s dining hall was so huge that it initially took up the entire playroom table – thus leaving little space for other areas.


In any case, according to the designer, the fantastical LEGO Hogwarts was more of a family endeavor, with her kids and husband also helping when they could. And given the incredible levels and the meticulous features showcased by the end result, it comes as no surprise that the project ultimately snared two awards at the BrickCon2012. The plastic-made megastructure was then brought over to her living room, and the images we see here come from the professional photo-shoot done inside the house.

Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_3 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_4 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_5 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_6 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_7 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_8 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch_9 Hogwarts_400000_LEGO_Bricks_Alice_Finch

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Via: TecheBlog

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