6 of the most advanced weapon systems being tested by US military

4) BAE’s Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System or APKWS –

6_Most_Advanced_Weapon_Systems_US Military_4

Till now, we had been harping about laser shots and rail guns. Well, BAE has also successfully showcased their Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, which basically entails a high-precision rocket system with a semi-active laser-guided mechanism. The entire setup features what is known as a point-and-shoot mode with no requirement of external maintenance. As for its design, the APKWS comprises of wing assemblies and folding fins. These individual wings are in turn mounted with laser seeker optics, while the advanced weapon system is equipped with MEMS inertial measurement unit, along with state-of-the-art digital signal processing components.

Another unique feature of the APKWS is its capacity to be controlled by distributed aperture semi-active laser seeker (or DASALS). This plug and play compatible device is tailored to be fitted on to the weapon system, and can morph unguided munitions into precision rockets! When all of these features are translated into practicality, the APKWS can used from both manned aircraft and unmanned platforms – for a range of scenarios that includes land-, sea- or air-based targets, with a touted accuracy of 93 percent. And finally, it should be noted that the weapon system has been successfully test fired (by US military) from a number of variant platforms, including Hawker Beechcraft AT-6C aircraft, MH-60S helicopter and A-10 Warthog jet.

5) TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearm series –

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Back in CES 2013, the Precision-Guided Firearm series (dubbed as the Linux Gun) created by TrackingPoint, had many eyes rolled and brows raised, with its ‘powertrain’ of a laser rangefinder and on-board computer. When translated to a real-time scenario, the ‘smart’ sniper rifle was touted to have the capacity to gauge variables, like the wind condition and even the motional attribute of the target. In essence, the gun could communicate to the user where his bullet would ultimately land, as opposed to where it is aimed at. And, all of this ‘fine-tuning’ could be done for a more-than substantial range of 1,200 yards (0.68 mile or 1.1 km).

And now, the stakes are raised higher with the 2015 version of the Linux Gun (christened as Mile Maker) claimed to have an increased range of 1,800 yards (1.02 miles or 1.64 km), while it can hit a target moving at a speed of 30 mph. This increased range comes courtesy of more improved hardware components, along with a streamlined software that accounts for better preciseness in trajectory measurements (and estimations). Added to that, the newer version will also boast of a live feed feature – which entails the sniping action being captured by a connected mobile device. Considering all these attributes, according to Oren Schauble (a TrackingPoint marketing official), the Mile Maker can hit around 70 percent of its targets in an impeccably accurate manner from around 1,000 yards – when even fired by ‘inexperienced’ users. So, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that the US military has already acquired a few of such smart rifles for their own initiated testing phase.

6) MQ-8C Fire Scout UAV –

6_Most_Advanced_Weapon_Systems_US Military_6

Our general notion about UAVs takes a back seat when it comes to Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout – one of US Navy’s advanced unmanned helicopters. A successor to its smaller brethren – the MQ-8B, which has already seen action in Afghanistan; the MQ-8C is based upon the robust air-frame of a Bell 407 helicopter. In addition, it is upgraded with a whole new Rolls-Royce 250-C47E engine system and fuel tanks that allow the craft to fly for 12 continuous hours, with a range of 170 miles (or 280 km) and substantial payload of 318 kg (701 lbs). And, now the design adds another feather in its cap by being the navy’s very first unmanned helicopter that has successfully made its take-off and landing actions from a marine-based destroyer (USS Jason Dunham), off the coast of Virginia.

Of course, the question one might be asking is – how does this pertain to a weapons system? Well, according to sources, the military is already looking forth to marine-based objectives that can be fulfilled by the Fire Scout, by virtue of its autonomous flight controls, sensor suite, advanced data-link scope, and progressive take-off/landing techniques. And, here’s the interesting part – the US navy is also thinking about the ‘precision targeting support‘ of the helicopter, which would seriously change the game for short-term missions and raids, thus transforming it into a passive weapon system.

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  1. Just like the EMP weapons mounted on a cruse missile platform, they are only going to be used for the most dire of situations. One, they are shot down and defenses can be made to make the systems less effective and two they can be reversed engineered to use against us. I’m 62 years old and the sr71’s were flying when I was 10. I’m sure the public has no idea what black projects have been put into production. DARPA is only showing a tiny fraction of what they are doing.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Zero'clock Gaming | March 21, 2016 at 11:57 pm |

    you cannot be this stupid man, do you really think its as easy as that? do you think the enemy is just running around with a target on their heads clearly stating they are the enemy?

    • Lightninbug | May 15, 2017 at 1:04 am |

      I suppose it is ridiculous of me to offer a view at this late date, a year behind the statement to which I reply. Can’t help doing so though.

      As of this date, over 50,000 US supported troops of the Syrian Defense Forces. a very professional Army led by Kurdish officers and composed of Kurdish regulars, Assyrian Christians, Syrian Arabs and augmented by peoples from the 5,000 square miles of Northern Syria which have liberated since launching the launching of Operation Wrath of Euphrates in early November. They have recently run ISIS out of their stronghold of Tabqah a short distance from Raggah, a city of 250,000, and prevented damage to the Tabqah dam.

      Take a look at a map of Northern Syria and note the massive body of fresh water held there by the Tabqah dam. Imagine the vast number of people dependent on that body of water for their livelihood and, indeed for their very life. The SDF prevented ISIS from destroying that dam which we all know those honorless killers would have no reservations doing. This was a tremendous victory over ISIS, but it only set up the final battle for the city of Raqqa, the Capitol city of the so called Islamic Caliphate in Syria. Raqqa is now surrounded and the days of ISIS are numbered just as they are in the Capitol of the dreamt of Capitol of the islamic Caliphate in Iraq, Mosul .

      Apparently the Western press does not wish people to know anything about these developments as, I dare say, few reading this words know much about what I say here. I won’t get political on you other than to say that anyone not trapped in the fantasy land of political correctness will most likely be able to understand these things and even have the courage to search out the situation as it stands once they do. As Mulder was always fond of saying, “The truth is out there.”

      The reason for my preamble to the Mother of All Battles forming up around Ragga as the SDF surrounding forces tighten the noose is to suggest that yes, the enemy does have a target on his back, at least in this great battle and though I came to this sight to learn about the current state of beam weapons, it is certainly my hope that we will give the jihadi forces a preview of what they can expect from the Western world should they wish to continue on with their folly of ever having started their insane push to colonize us and overwhelm us with their out of control birthrate. It’s called hijra and it means jihad by colonization.

      So I say, let us demonstrate a new age of battle in Northern Syria as we support the Syrian Democratic Forces. The US Marine artilleryman on the ground and the US Air Power at work are doing a job on ISIS both in Raqqa and Mosul. I’d like to see a new order of battle that ought to terrify those worthless slaughterers of women, children, and unarmed innocents. Let that story spread across the countries involved and see if that doesn’t give them something new to think about.

  4. Clearly you are just another unthinking antiAmerican troll.

  5. The following comments are from keyboard warriors, pounding their chests.

  6. The reason for not showcasing the ability of the military to not only destroy ISUS but to annihilate them is that to do so puts us in the position of rulers of the world. What you see is not all of what there is. Technology, especially military technology, is at such an advanced state that NOBODY stands a chance against us. It was reported today that advanced lasers will be ready for mounting on fighter jets by 2020. Hogwash! I personally saw an operational tactical laser demonstrated in the Fall of 1966. That was nearly 50 years ago, and as we all know technology has a life of its own. These advanced weapons systems are available TODAY!

  7. Who is isis? the guy on the left? The right? Behind them? You can’t run a background check with a laser canon.

  8. because isis is made and funded by America

    • Ya, Ya, right, right. America is always behind the bad guys. Got news for you. If America was so strong we wouldn’t need to be behind anyone. America would rule the world.

  9. Also, these systems are still being tested and are not fully ready for operational deployment.

  10. Lothar the Impaler | July 24, 2015 at 11:02 pm |

    Politics really, Obama wants the Arab nations to deal with the problem to identify Activist in their own country and act. He also does not want to leave office in the middle of a war. He will leave it to the next guy or girl.

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