The salt flats of Utah flaunt their gorgeous hues – courtesy of Julieanne Kost

Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost

Turquoise, ashen, white and chartreuse yellow – the salt flats of Salt Lake City, Utah, come in variant hues and tints, interspersed by intricate ground textures. And these fantastical ambit of vibrancy is aptly captured by Julieanne Kost in a series of aerial photographs.

Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_1 Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_2 Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_3 Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_4 Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_5 Salt_flats_Utah_Julieanne Kost_6

For more enchanting snaps, you can also check out Julieanne Kost’s personal photography site.

Via: LostAtEMinor

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