Bali’s Panchoran Retreat: An enchanting forest resort constructed using bamboo and old telephone poles

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Linda Garland’s name is synonymous with Hollywood glamour and A-list clientele. A world-renowned interior designer, Garland has decorated homes of bigwigs like David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Richard Branson. An Irish by birth, Garland has been a resident of Bali for quite some time now. Her latest project is in the form of an incredibly minimalist, yet beguiling forest resort called Panchoran Retreat. Built using locally-sourced bamboo and old telephone poles, the rustic getaway features an array of pristine villas, lush gardens and entrancing waterfalls. 

Nestled within a sprawling 25-acre bamboo and palm grove in Ubud, Indonesia, Panchoran is the ideal destination for those who crave solitude and the wilderness. Inspired by the unsullied beauty of Bali’s bamboo and coconut forests, Garland has designed this rustic haven using indigenous, recycled and eco-friendly materials. Instead of glossy metals and bright fluorescent lights, Garland has embraced the warmth and simplicity of nature. The retreat includes six open-air bungalows fashioned out of bamboo and old telephone poles reclaimed from local authorities.

Surrounded by several floor-to-ceiling windows, each of the villas contains a luxurious bed and an exquisite attached bathroom. The interior is adorned with beautiful potted plants and magnificent Javanese art pieces. Furthermore, the resort houses a number of pools, waterfalls and organic gardens that are in turn encircled by the breathtaking flora.

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