United States Geological Survey’s series of macro-photos show the intricate side of bees


Once you are stricken by its beauty, you must admire its presence – this is the simple dictum followed by United States Geological Survey’s Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program. The trend is evident from their batch of interesting macro-photographs (courtesy of researcher Sam Droege) that show the exquisite side of bees. As a result, one can admire the close-up of the intricacy pertaining to the insects’ organic layout, along with their external interactions – like dabbling in pollen dusts.

The program in itself entails fueling public interest and shooing away misconceptions about bees. And, we are sure that these images would create quite a ‘buzz’ (excuse the pun), given the sheer details one can comprehend from each photo – be it the dynamic range of the bee’s color tone or the glistening forms of their organic components.


To the end, the magnificent imagery was created by utilizing macro-lens that could capture the photos at variant focal lengths. Many of these exposures were combined into a composite image that stands out by virtue of its utter clarity. However, it should also be noted that the colors were NOT altered or manipulated, thus bringing forth the essence of authenticity of the hue-range of the insects.

USGS_macro-photos_bees_2 USGS_macro-photos_bees_3 USGS_macro-photos_bees_4 USGS_macro-photos_bees_1 USGS_macro-photos_bees_5 USGS_macro-photos_bees_6 USGS_macro-photos_bees_7

For more details on the project, do check out the detailed coverage at National Geographic.

Image Credits: Sam Droege, USGS

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