Archaeologists stumble across a mummy still in a Lotus Position of meditation

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Songino Khairkhan is one of the nine districts that surrounds the Mongolian capital region of Ulaanbaatar. And this remotely populated area has unveiled a mysterious historical find of its own – in the form of a human relic. According to a report purveyed by Mongolia’s Morning News, this is no ordinary mummy in a conventional supine position, but a well-preserved corpse that has still maintained a meditative posture.

Initial examination of the body revealed the possibility of the mummy being about 200 years old. The corpse in its ‘lotus position’ was also found to be snugly wrapped in a cattle skin. Unfortunately, no other details emerged from the report, with Ulaanbaatar National Centre of Forensic Expertise now taking responsibility of further analyzing the mysterious find.

Monk_Mummy_Lotus Position

However, the lack of information has not stopped history experts from speculating about the mummy’s identity. To that end, some believe the corpse is that of one Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, a Buryat Buddhist Lama born in 1852. Interestingly, his fame was fueled when he also died while being in a lotus position (in 1927). According to records, his body was dug up in the years 1955 and 1973 – and, both times revealed this incredible meditative posture being maintained by the renowned monk in his death.

The Scenic Landscape of Songino Khairkhan.

The Scenic Landscape of Songino Khairkhan.

Via: DiscoveryNews

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