NASA unveils their retro-styled travel posters depicting alien planets

Yes, NASA dabbles in some tongue-in-cheek PR too! A few days ago, they released three retro-styled posters that hark back to the vintage times of traveling to wondrous places. All of the three posters in this case relate to three alien planets – Kepler-16b, Kepler-186f and HD 40307g; all of which were discovered by the refurbished Kepler space observatory.

NASA_Retro_Travel Poster_Alien_Planets_1

The first of these art-deco style posters is about Kepler-16b, which has a Saturn-like mass, and it orbits around not one but two stars (in around 229 Earth-days). This is in fact referenced by the poster’s slogan “where your shadow always has company”.

NASA_Retro_Travel Poster_Alien_Planets_2

The second ‘sightseeing’ endeavor involves the Kepler-186f, with the accompanying tagline of “where the grass is always redder on the other side”. In that regard, scientists actually do think that this Earth-sized planet can support plant life, since water can exist upon its surface in a liquid state. Interestingly, the light shed by its cooler star would probably pertain to a reddish hue, which is in contrast with the greenery and blue oceans upon the Earth’s surface.

NASA_Retro_Travel Poster_Alien_Planets_3

And lastly, the third poster touts the ‘Super Earth’ of HD 40307g, with its gravitational pull expected to be a whopping eight-times to that of our planet (which is directly proportional to HD 40307g’s 8-times higher mass). However, astronomers still know very little about the alien planet’s surface texture hidden beneath thick layers of gas and ice.

NASA_Retro_Travel Poster_Alien_Planets

Source: NASA / Via: LaughingSquid

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