Photographer captures macro photos of the vibrant ladybugs in his backyard

Earlier this week, we showcased United States Geological Survey’s series of macro-photos that exhibited the intricate side of bees. Well, this time around, Ireland-based photographer Tomasz Skocze has gone the ‘macro route’ with his incredibly captured images of ladybugs. With most of the photos snapped in the backyard garden of his house, the uniformity shared between the images pertain to the ‘wetness’ factor of the subject insects in question.

The camera used for the fascinating shoot entailed a Canon 5D Mark II, aided by a macro lens. However, beyond just the equipment, it is the perseverance of the photographer that ultimately helps in capturing these naturally intricate moments. As Skocze makes it clear –

Exercise a lot of patience and have your eyes wide open. Be observant to the micro world going on underneath your feet. Be an early bird. Get up early for your shoot when all insect are waking up, are very slow or will stay still. A big advantage is to have a good flashgun with a diffuser for a soft effect. The flashgun allows you to apply a high shutter speed, which will give you a sharp image.

Preparations aside, photographing a ladybug is not that easy considering its .8 to 18 millimeter size. But the diminutive form-factor is more than made up for by the natural vibrancy exhibited by this tiny insects that range from red, orange to yellow.

Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_1 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_2 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_3 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_6 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_7 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_10 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_8Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_9 Tomasz Skocze_macro_photos_ladybugs_5

Image Credits: Tomasz Skocze 

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