Aerial artwork showcases real cows herded like a giant smiley face!

CowArt_Derek Klingenberg_Aerial Art

Cow art? Well, it is supposedly a thing, as proven by farmer-extraordinaire Derek Klingenberg. He has successfully been able to herd in his dependable cows into a fascinating formation that espouses a gargantuan smiley face from above. The picture (and later video) you see here was actually captured by drone hovering above the scene of the collective ‘artwork’ formed by animals.

Christened as the #CowArt, interestingly enough, all it took for Klingenberg to achieve the seemingly fussy task was just a few minutes. And perhaps that shouldn’t sound too surprising since Klingenberg was also the same guy who had previously controlled his cow-herd by just playing the tune of ‘Royals’ (by Lorde) in his trombone!

Check the #CowArt smiley face video below –

Check the trombone playing video below –

If interested, you can also take a gander at Craig Alan’s gargantuan portraits that are actually patterns formed by real people when seen from above.

Via: LostAtEMinor

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