Oregon-based Clean Water Services all set to make beer from treated sewage water

The concept of drinkable sewage water has been around for quite some time. Conceived as an antidote to the issue of global water shortage, recycled sludge is consumed in Singapore, Namibia, a couple of cities in South Africa and also, Orange County in Virginia, United States. Furthermore, a recent YouTube video shows Bill Gates sipping waste water, treated with the Omni Processor. Heralding a new age of advanced sewage treatment and management, Clean Water Services is all set to team up with Oregon Brew Crew to make delicious craft beer from its “high-purity” drain water.

Beer Made From Treated Sewage Water-6According to recent estimates, one in every nine person is deprived of clean drinking water, with over 840,000 people dying each year due to some water-related illness or the other. That is exactly where water management utilities, like Clean Water Services, come in helpful. Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, the company has reportedly developed an advanced “high-purity” treatment system that can turn sewage water into safe drinking water. The system uses three different purification methods, namely ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and enhanced oxidation. Mark Jockers, the company’s spokesperson, said:

When people think about it enough it makes sense, although the initial knee-jerk reaction might be ‘yuck’. We want to start having this conversation now before we get into the drought situation that California and Texas and Australia have gotten into, so we can get the rules and safeguards in place that will allow greater use of this resource.

Beer Made From Treated Sewage Water-1Last September, Clean Water Services invited local brewers to make beer containing 30-percent recycled water. This time around, the organization will team up with Oregon Crew Brew, an enterprising group of home brewers. The beer, made entirely from their “high-purity” sewage water, will likely be served at various events. Currently, human consumption of treated waste water is prohibited, by law, in the state of Oregon. It is used mainly for irrigation and different industrial processes. For the beer project, the company has already acquired the approval of the Oregon Health Authority. Jockers said:

What we’re really trying to do here is start a conversation about the nature of water, and there’s no better way to start a conversation than over a beer.

Beer Made From Treated Sewage Water-2However, the consent of the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission is still pending. Once that is done, and the state’s Recycled Water Reuse Plan is altered, Oregonians will finally get to taste the new waste water-based beer.

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Via: NPR / Inhabitat

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