The Canadian Cliff House flaunts its delicate location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

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Last year, Modscape unveiled their design concept that showcased a ‘suspended’ house precariously perched atop the edge of a cliff. Well, the Cliff House by Canadian-studio MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple architects seems to have achieved this delicate positioning in reality, and the result is quite impressive to see. Situated in the maritime province of Nova Scotia, the low-cost construction is envisaged as a timber-made retreat with minimalist design considerations and passive architectural techniques.

The very first thing that catches the viewer’s attention pertains to the tiny section by which the 960 sq ft house maintains its contact with the ground level. To that end, the front part of the structure extends beyond this regular level, and is aptly supported by an ‘X’ arrangement of steel I-beams. As for the core habitat itself, its construction comprises of steel trusses and a timber framework – both of which ultimately account for a galvanized superstructure seen from outside.

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In regard to the low cost aspects of the Cliff House, the plan of the design is kept pretty simple with a straightforward rectangular scope. The zoning inside the building consists of a double height living space/dining room with a fireplace, and this entire space acts as the focal point of circulation with breathtaking views of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean through story-height glazed windows on all three sides. The expansive area is further complemented by an adjacent bathroom, and a bedroom on the mezzanine level.

As the architects make it clear –

On approaching the cabin from the land, one is presented with a calm wood box with its understated landscaping, firmly planted on the ground, in contrast with the subsequent dramatic interior experience of flying off cliff.

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Via: Dezeen

Image Credits: Greg Richardson.

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