Dillon Markey hacks a Nintendo Power Glove into a nifty animation tool

Dillon Markey_Nintendo Power Glove_animation tool

Remember the 1980s Power Glove Nintendo controller? Of course, you don’t; except for the rummaging sessions through those articles listing weird gaming peripherals. However, this long forgotten contraption once again makes a comeback, not as an oddball gaming device, but as a nifty little tool for stop-motion animation – courtesy of animator extraordinaire Dillon Markey. How exactly? Well, Marley has ingeniously ‘modified’ the controller into a Bluetooth-enabled glove, and it has been successfully used for episodes of Robot Chicken and Submarine Sandwich.

The inspiration for this groovy little hack was fueled by practicality rather than a hip gimmick. According to Markey, his job entails moving around the stage a lot and then coming back at the camera for the animation process; while at the same time carrying one of those unwieldy numeric keypads with USB paraphernalia. So, instead he has opted for a hacked wearable tech with the functionality of the stop motion controller being incorporated into the infamous Power Glove. The workings of this refitted device with a brand new circuit board, is showcased in this video documentary by Ava Benjamin

Via: Technabob

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