Dome’Up: A grand treehouse for your backyard as well as camping trips

A few months ago, we talked about Vista Tree Tent, a hammock-like design that can be set up between trees. Well, the above pictured Dome’Up literally takes things to greater heights with its ability to be perched atop the branches in an ‘authentic’ treehouse-like manner. The brainchild of arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel (for Trees and People), the end result entails a suspended structure that combines the advantages of a practically habitable cabin with the adventurous elevation of the treehouse.

In essence, the Dome’Up is a tree shelter with an impressive 172 sq ft of area and an octagonal plan. The framework of this suspended structure is made from sturdy galvanized steel, which in turn is complemented by (removable) wooden flooring components and protective railing around the edges. This core frame is further walled by a UV-resistant double canvas tent, while the dome-like roof is crafted from heavy duty thermo-welded tarpaulin. All of these structural components practically translate to an extensive interior space surrounded by a terrace area. This user-specific sheltered zone is accessed via a wooden-ladder, and can be utilized as a living space as well as a bedroom (during night time).

DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_8

As for the durability of the Dome’Up, the treehouse boasts of an advanced No Trace arboreal fixing system, which reduces the impact weight of the cabin on the trees by evenly distributing the tension generated by the structure. In other words, the system accounts for an uniformed impact on the trees, thus syncing up with the natural tendency of the tree to mitigate outdoor effects like wind. To that end, the treehouse construction is touted to have a lifetime of over decades with its tree-staying capacity going into years. However, the smaller components like straps and ropes need to be replaced every 5 years in accordance with European safety standards.

And lastly, in regard to the future, the designers are also looking forth to an upgraded insulated model of the Dom’Up with integrated firewood heating system tailored to the winters. Such additional amenities does make this particular cabin design a worthy candidate for even a backyard treehouse. But as they say – awesomeness never comes cheap; the Dom’Up will set you by around $28,000, and can be fully set up within 2 days .

DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_5 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_6 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_4 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_11 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_7 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_9 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_10 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_1 DomeUp _the_treehouse_cabin_shelter_3

Via: Gizmag

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