Andrés Jaque’s COSMO: An incredible outdoor art installation in the form of a luminous water filtration system

Andrés Jaque's COSMO-1

Established in 1971, MoMA PS1 is a world-renowned nonprofit art institution based in New York City. With a mission to present contemporary art and its various genres to a broad and diverse audience, the organization has been conducting the famed Young Architects Program(YAP) for quite some time now. For its 16th edition, this year, the contest has named Spanish architect, Andrés Jaque, the winner. Known as COSMO, Jaque’s incredible art installation is the form of a massive water filtration system, to be constructed right in the middle of MoMA PS1’s courtyard.

Founder and chief member of Madrid- and New York-based architectural practice, Office for Political Innovation, Jaque has designed an impressive outdoor installation that incorporates recycling and sustainability, while at the same time addressing the global menace of water scarcity. Constructed using an intricate network of custom-built irrigation pipes, the temporary structure will be capable of filtering and purifying as many as 3,000 gallons of water. The purification cycle, which usually takes four days to complete, will involve the removal of nitrates and suspended dirt from the water. Additionally, the contraption will be used to balance the water’s pH value as well as increase the level of dissolved oxygen. Speaking about the project, Pedro Gadanho, of MoMA, said:

This year’s proposal takes one of the Young Architects Program’s essential requirements–providing a water feature for leisure and fun–and highlights water itself as a scarce resource. Relying on off-the-shelf components from agro-industrial origin, an exuberant mobile architecture celebrates water-purification processes and turns their intricate visualization into an unusual backdrop for the Warm Up session.

Andrés Jaque's COSMO-2At the end of each cycle, the structure’s plastic meshwork will emit a brilliant glow, thus providing the perfect backdrop for the art gallery’s Warm Up summer music festival. The outdoor art sculpture, scheduled for inauguration in June, aims to draw attention to the recent United Nations estimates, according to which two-thirds of the world’s population will, by 2025, live in places lacking sufficient usable water. It’s simple, minimalist design allows COSMO to be easily reproducible, thereby ensuring greater access to safe, drinking water. The organization’s spokesperson said:

[COSMO’s] purpose is to trigger awareness, and to be easily reproduced all around the world, giving people access to drinking water, and to a dialogue about it. But above all, COSMO will be a party-artifact moving in whatever direction the party happens to take it.

Other finalists, for the 2015 Young Architects Program, include architect Jacob Brillhart, Erin Besler, Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer.

Andrés Jaque's COSMO-3

Via: MoMA PS1

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