Looking for an island that resembles a dolphin? Head over to the Sirenusas archipelago in Italy!


Steeped in mythology and breathtaking natural beauty, the Sirenusas, also known as Li Galli, are an archipelago of tiny limestone islands, just off the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Named after the Sirens of Greek mythology, the islands are located between the Isle of Capri and the picturesque village of Positano. Known to tempt sailors with their bewitching, and often deadly, songs, the sirens were said to have frequented the islands. According to local folklore, it was here that king Odysseus, of Homer’s epic poem Odyssey, met the sirens, on one of his voyages. He managed to survive the musical onslaught of the sirens by tying himself to the mast of his boat.

Today, the region is home to some of the most extravagant resorts and hotels. When viewed aerially, one of the Li Galli islands resembles a dolphin in appearance.

The Island Looks Like a Dolphin-2

The Island Looks Like a Dolphin-3

The Island Looks Like a Dolphin-4

The Island Looks Like a Dolphin-1

Via: Neatorama

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