The cracked ‘Expansion’ sculpture makes its commercial debut with limited edition

Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale

Back in 2011, many a blog from the vast internet realm were impressed by the magnificence of the ‘Expansion‘ sculpture – a wondrous creation from artist Paige Bradley. The sculpture was originally conceived when the artist intentionally dropped her wax statuette (crafted as a woman in lotus position) – which was painstakingly created over a period of several months. This resulted in the breaking of the artistic object into several pieces. These pieces were cast back in bronze, and then assembled so as to show the fissures running amok on the body. Finally, a lighting system was deftly installed by a specialist, and thus the glorious ‘Expansion‘ was born.

And now after four long years, the ‘Expansion‘ sculpture is back – this time with a commercial force. To that end, Paige Bradley has announced that a smaller version of this statue (measuring 17 x 21 x 8 inches) will be available for purchase in a limited edition of just 40 specimens. This is what she had to say about the ‘re-creation’ –

In many ways, we keep coming back to where we started. Revisiting Expansion at a smaller size is proof of this. Even though my creativity and the art I want to produce feels infinite (for this lifetime anyway), I believe that creating a smaller version of Expansion is a sign of my enduring vision of making work for everyone to enjoy. I believe that art is for the all of us: for our souls, for our healing, for us to feel a sense of connection through all boundaries and distances.

And, in case you are sufficiently enticed by the sculpture for sale, you can drop a mail at for pricing and other details.

Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale_1 Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale_2 Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale_3 Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale_4

Via: MyModernMet

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