‘Homemade’ Death Ray concocted by the Science Channel, brings out the vanquishing power of sun

Solar-Powered_Death_Ray_Science Channel_1

It is not often that we use DIY and Death Ray in the same sentence. However, the duo of Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds from the Science Channel, has made that possible with his their little (well…not so little) home-made contraption that can gleefully melt metals. The device in question utilizes what is known as Fresnel lens – which has the ability to capture a greater degree of oblique light from a source. The DIYers have taken advantage of this wondrous quality, and thus demonstrated the power of core sunlight (with sun as a primary source) in all its annihilating glory.

Solar-Powered_Death_Ray_Science Channel

As you can watch from the video below, the duo had been able to achieve the melting point of pennies (with zinc) and even aluminum (that melts at around 660 degrees Celsius or 1220 degrees Fahrenheit). And the scary part is – all of these were done by just using easily available materials, which is certainly a far cry from those advanced laser cannons flaunted by the US military.

Source: Science Channel / Via: Gizmodo

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