Atelier JMCA designs prism-shaped wooden counter that doubles as a hanging table

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-1

When French architectural studio, Atelier JMCA, was given the task of furnishing a small restaurant, in Paris, the firm’s design team came up with an incredibly creative solution for its space-related problems. Instead of a bulky table, that takes up most of the available floor space, the innovators, at Atelier JMCA, created an ingenious, prism-shaped bar that doubles as a tabletop. Supported at only one of its ends, the highly-inventive cantilever design allows the wooden counter to be suspended mid-air. In addition to its obvious visual appeal, the prismed bar creates the illusion of spaciousness.

Its sleek, glossy surface, coupled with its simple geometric shape, adds to the restaurant’s sophisticated decor. The polished bar-top doubles as a long, banquet table, with seating capacity of 12 people.

To known more about Atelier JMCA and its projects, check the firm’s official website.

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-2

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-3

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-1

Via: Contemporist

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