France’s ingenious, hobbit hole-styled Museumotel to be sold for a whopping $907,000

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Located in the idyllic woodlands of Raon-l’Étape, in northeastern France, is a cluster of white hobbit homes that make up the famous Museumotel. A true architectural marvel, the hotel was established back in the 1960s. In addition to its rich history and unusual design, it is one of the first hotels to instate the concept of separate, individual bungalows away from the main building. Over the years, the Museumotel has been sold and resold quite a few times. It is currently back on the market; this time for a whopping $907,000. 

It all started when hotelier M. Thierry approached Pascal Haüsermann, an architecture graduate from the University of Geneva, in 1965. Known for his ingenious “bubble house” design, Haüsermann created the once famous Motel de l’Eau Vive. After its renovation in 2003, the hotel was transformed into a miniature village of sorts, offering its guests a secluded haven to recuperate from the stress and anxiety of city life. Today, the Museumotel comprises of nine individual bungalows, such as the “Love Bubble”, the “Zen Bubble” and the “Fifties Bubble”. The main building, spread over 1600-square-feet, houses the kitchen and the chief reception area on the ground floor, and a dining space on the upper floor.

Each of the six smaller bungalows contains a bedroom and an attached bathroom. At 270-square-feet, the dwelling can easily accommodate two people. The remaining three bungalows, each measuring up to 380-square-feet in area, feature two bedrooms and, can hold a total of five guests.

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