The smartphone-controlled W.I.N.D House flaunts its ritzy yet low-impact features

W.I.N.D_House_Classy_Smart Home

In terms of pure architecture, the layout of the 4,370 sq ft W.I.N.D House (by UNStudio) follows a conventional protocol – with its private zones facing the secluded woodland on the plot’s rear-end, and living space overlooking the expansive landscaped gardens in the front. However, this familiar scope hides a wealth of other advanced aspects that are seldom seen in regular residences. The primary one among them obviously relates to the smartphone-controlled ambit of the dwelling. And even beyond this progressive attribute, the W.I.N.D House boasts of low-impact credentials – many of which are independent of the main grid, thus alluding to self sustenance.

In line with these sustainable features, the classy-looking smart home (with a flower petal like plan) comprises of a substantially large solar panel array installed along its roof. While not big enough to account for complete freedom from municipality-supplied electricity, the photovoltaic setup does aid the inhabitants in occasionally ‘going off the grid’. This is complemented by a slew of other low-energy features, including – a state-of-the-art ventilation system with heat recovering mechanics, an air source heat pump (ASHP), and the passive architectural technique of utilizing tinted glasses that cut down on direct heat gain.

Of course, as we fleetingly mentioned before, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the W.I.N.D House is arguably its smart home systems. To that end, the inhabitants can remotely control a myriad of indoor aspects from afar, with regulation of lighting, ventilation and temperature. This incredible home automation scope is fueled by the use of KNX Protocol, with the remote controlling being done via interfaces of internet-connected mobile devices (like tablets and smartphones). And the best part in this smart ambit is – users can also regularly check up on their power usage over a specified time period, thus helping them to further reduce the monthly energy bills.

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Via: Inhabitat

Image Credits: Fedde de Weert / Inga Powilleit

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